At National Roofing we feel, without a doubt, preventive roof maintenance is the fundamental key to achieving maximum roof life with minimal problems. Your roof protects you, your workers, and your capital expenditures and is subjected to constant wear and deterioration.

Nothing lasts forever, and even your roof is subjected to constant wear and deterioration and its life span in comparison to the life span of the structure holding it up, is short. It is then probably safe to say that a comprehensive roof preventive maintenance program is an essential part of extending the useful life of your roof.

National Roofing currently services over 10,000,000 square feet of roof surface area. Our client testimonials will attest to our dedication to service, on call support and roof maintenance programs, saving owners and property managers’ thousands of dollars in unplanned roof expenditures.

Our roof maintenance technicians are trained to ensure you are provided with the highest quality of workmanship utilizing time tested materials.

With our maintenance program, on an annual or semi-annual visit we can:

-Clean the roof surface including the removal of all trash, debris and leaves.

-Inspect all primary roof drains, scuppers, overflows, and downspouts and if necessary, unclog gutters.

-Reseal, as needed all roof penetrations, skylights, pipes, vents and flashings.

-If necessary, repair any roof problems with existing roof technologies.
Preventive roof maintenance is vitally important to roof asset management and is only as good as its roof and its roof is only as good as the maintenance you provide for it. Keep costs down with a comprehensive roof maintenance solution from National Roofing.

To schedule an appointment with one of our technicians or for more information on our maintenance programs call us at 708 771 4006 or you can contact us by email at